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Trend hospital operating room construction
Although the face of the 21st century, mainstream operating room, is hard to refine, but at least it should be clean, digitization and humane organic unity.
Under operation since 1846, the first case of a state of anesthesia since it entered the operating room its evolving history. Genesis Simple, decentralized, centralized, operating room has experienced three stages of development, and now, the fourth generation of theater has entered our field of vision, clean, digital and humanity are the main features.

Clean technology Sterile environment, is an important guarantee for the successful operation. Once the infection after surgery, the consequences would be disastrous. With the continuous development of modern medical technology, a new method of controlling bacteria came into the operating room, this is what we usually refer to the laminar flow operating room. Practice has fully proved that the air cleaning technology for the operating room air routes of infection control, have a significant effect and irreplaceable role. Modern operating room construction, can to explore from the following angles: * Layout, functions should be consistent with the principles of the process and clean sewage diversion This will help reduce cross infection *, effectively organize air purification system, economically meet clean quality. Operating room should be equipped with the standard "3 Zone 2 channel", namely the surgical area, Auxiliary Area, other premises area, clean walkways and quasi clean walkways. It should also configure the emergency room, surgical infection between each one. Between emergency surgery, based in the outermost surgical area. Surgical infection between one end located in the corridor outside the nearest to minimize contamination of other inter-surgery.
* Air conditioning system Air conditioning system, capable of controlling the operating room temperature, humidity, dust, bacteria, concentrations of harmful gases and air distribution, ensure that the indoor staff and patients needed fresh air, and indoor reasonable airflow flows in order to maintain the entire operating room air suitable gradient pressure distribution and directional flow. Air conditioning system to do the following: 1. The use of physical methods of air filtration effectively remove all of the bacteria into the air and dust. 2. rely on air technology, effectively diluting and exclude medical hair bacteria, especially in key parts of the room, reaching the height of sterility. 3. The operating room pressure gradient control to ensure reasonable air flow between different regions of the pressure distribution, to prevent the intrusion of outside contamination. 4. Effective exhaust gases and harmful gases, to ensure the freshness and quality of indoor air. 5. Maintain proper indoor temperature, humidity, reduce the body fat amount of bacteria and prevent indoor bacteria.
* Door Control
Medical staff, patient, clean line items, and after equipment, dressings, dirt, etc. should be strictly separated, therefore, clean operating rooms are usually set up two fan airtight doors.
Foot control automatic door sensors, towards clean channel for medical staff, access to clean items.
Manual air-tight door, toward pollution passage for surgery, postoperative contaminated items out.
Wash hands, Nurse, in the indoor operation, should minimize access. This is an effective way to cut pollution. In order to prevent frequent access, it is recommended most of the surgery required goods, placed in a sterile vehicle interior to keep the surgery door closed to maintain the interior pressure.
* Wash hands Configuration
Wash the operating room configuration, it is also an important an important part. Wash your hands should * near the operating room, the nearest set, plus with heaters provide heated water. You must also configure induction water switches, sensors soap dispenser, automatic hand dryer to make sure every aspect of operating room, can meet the requirements.
* Clean Quality Control
Clean work operating room, the need for clean air conditioning system in operation.
Former daily in surgery, with speed consumer net, wet removal of doors, windows, shadowless, infusion stand, instrument table, pedals, floor, anesthesia machines, etc. blood and dust. 
Weekly on ceilings, walls and floors, with a strong oxidizing ionized water Weekend clean. In particular ventilation facilities, such as return air, it is easy to hide dirt, bacteria possession, so to filter and clean the early effect filters apart.
* Sterile Monitoring and Education
Prevention of infection, the permanent goal of every surgical team members. Conventionally, the month of sterile bacterial monitoring, and air, surface and surgical operating room personnel's hand, for testing.
Regularly carry out theoretical lectures to train health care workers each aseptic consciousness.
Digital operating room, through the use of advanced information technology to the operating room, so the doctor can get a lot of important information related to real-time patient, thereby facilitating the operation and improve efficiency. Currently the development of medical imaging technology very quickly, all kinds of three-dimensional imaging technique, developed to guide surgical planning and surgical procedures, it provides a wealth of tools.
* From a development perspective, the operating room must be the most important user of PACS System
Digital OR, whether viewing PACS images, informed hemodynamic monitoring data in the sterile area, in places remote assistance for surgeons, or with pathology department, intensive care unit for real-time video consultation, can be at the right moment, help physicians make the right decisions, thereby increasing the efficiency and safety of operation.
* Establish central control room operating room (or nurse station), it is the technological development needs and trends
In addition to medical equipment digital Outsider, clean operating room itself, is a rely on electricity to run complex digital control systems, for example, only the air conditioning system, it is necessary to monitor and control every operating room temperature, humidity, pressure, ventilation, new air flow and other parameters, and to maintain the pressure in different areas clean.
Clean operating room to strictly control the movement of persons, it is necessary to establish a sound internal communication systems, or even consider installing full field of TV monitoring system for all-round monitoring for each operating room.
All this information needs to be centralized control and display, therefore, have the emergence of a side wall and a row of television central control computer control room (or nurse station) in modern operating room, is the need and the inevitable trend of technological development. The control center, air-conditioning, lighting, imaging, surgery information, centralized control and management.
In addition, the operating room integrated information management, is also facing surgery arrangements, personnel scheduling, equipment sterilization, storage and consumption management, and operation of the entire process each records management (time, personnel, anesthesia, drugs and equipment consumption, operation information dissemination ) and a series of complex issues, but also in computer management, and integrated into hospital information systems (HIS) in. All this for operating room personnel quality and composition of the new requirements.
Moment, "patient-centered" concept has been widely accepted, visible, with a high standard of hardware facilities, humane but also the construction of a modern hospital operating rooms, an indispensable element.
* Design of the operating room environment
Theater of humanity, including the operating room pleasant colors and lighting design, background music playback. These measures can be active in the operating room atmosphere, reduce the psychological stress surgery, and surgical health care can work in a relaxed environment, to improve the operation efficiency and effectiveness helpful.
* Preoperative exchange
Mainly for the psychological condition of the patient, give patience to explain effectively introduce the operating room environment, facility, anesthesia methods. The issues raised by surgery, from caring, comforting, explanation and encouragement to proceed, let him understand the need for surgery, surgery to eliminate their worries and fears, build confidence with surgery, and finally underwent surgery in a good mental state .
* Intraoperative Care
Should always pay attention to adjust the room temperature, prevent the patient cold. Close observation of patient vital signs, ECG attention, holding infusion unobstructed. At the same time, the patient's condition is not just talk, to protect the patient's self-esteem, try to meet the patient's request.
* Postoperative visits
We should ask the patient's general condition after the close, including incision pain, bowel movements, as well as the presence or absence of infection and other surgical complications. Meanwhile, on the current patient discomfort, should give timely and appropriate relief and interpretation.
The humane measures into the operating room construction, completely changed the traditional medical model, the operating room work center to the patient, rather than simply pointing surgery.
Operating room construction, involving collaboration and the development of many disciplines related to all aspects of the hospital. Construction of a modern operating room, must take into account the clean, digitization and humanity, in order to improve the quality of medical service, truly sustainable development.
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