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  "Good Shile help create the future" is our corporate culture spindle. He objectively reflect Shile Electric Company people-oriented, willing to help others core values.

   Since its inception, always adhere to the people-oriented, the talent, the establishment of unity and efficient workforce in the first place. New employees into the plant, its entry personnel department of education to understand the history and business prospects; the establishment of professional and technical staff training system, to go out, please come in the way of training employees. That organization staff to participate in society on a variety of professional training, focus on training technical personnel and team leader over the backbone; please teacher school employees into the company to improve the professional quality of the staff and management.

  Not always continue to pursue high-quality products, quality service to customers, so that customer satisfaction is the company's "quality of survival, to the credibility of development," the purpose of creating Shile German brand is Shile electrical commitment to customers. The implementation of enterprise and employee benefits and win-win measures. Every year the company held a "excellent staff" commendation, improve staff motivation. The introduction of new rules and regulations, the implementation of cash into the dry stock including employees, year-end bonuses and other preferential policies and incentives, to promote the company's progress and development has played a positive role.
      Create a harmonious living environment. Shile Electric also places great emphasis on the cultural life of amateur staff. Organize annual staff travel; irregularly organize chess, table tennis, tug of war, guess riddles and other sports activities. So that employees have fun in a relaxed and harmonious environment.

   Good Shile aid is an important part of corporate culture. Chairman of the company on a regular basis on behalf of the company and the local elderly welfare donations to support poor children to study areas. The face of domestic natural disasters, especially Wenchuan earthquake disaster, companies and employees to extend a helping hand donations, reflects the company and employees a love. Enrich the cultural connotation of the enterprise.


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